Removal act of 1830

In 1830, congress passed a removal act ordering indians to relocate to western prarie lands. Some of the five thousand indians living in Florida agreed and left.

The Second Seminole War

Seminole indians ambushed Major Francis Longhorn Dade and 110 american soldiers on December 28,1835 near Bushnell,Florida. This would later be known as the Dade Massacre as only three survived. This started the Second Seminole war, a war that would last over seven years.

A newspaper clipping talking about the Dade Massacre

Statehood, wars, and reannexation

Florida made a constitution in 1839,and was admitted to the union on March 3,1845 .This agreement contributed to the reannexation of Texas, and led to the conquest of California in 1848.In 1855, the third seminole war began and it would last for around 3 years. In January 1861, Florida joined the confederates in the civil war.